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U.S. HRRR Model Radar - Composite Reflectivity (dBZ) 18 Hour Forecast

Simulated Composite Reflectivity

Simulated Composite Reflectivity Image (sim_radar_comp):
This product contains one field:

  1. The simulated composite reflectivity expressed in dBZ. It represents a prediction of what a radar picture would look like; composite reflectivity differs from the 1 km reflectivity in that the latter represents a radar picture from a particular tilt of the radar beam, while the former represents the maximum value among all possible tilts of the radar beam. The values are expressed as a color fill with a reference bar of values for each color located on the left side of the image.

HRRR Model Forecast Radar Loops Courtesy of NOAA-NWS

Animation using HAniS ©2015 by Tom Whittaker

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